Shaadi – Online Matrimonial

Shaadi is the name for an Indian and Pakistani wedding. Marriages for love are becoming more common, however, most families still arrange the marriage for the bride. Family members plan the wedding, which can often take up to a year of planning. This process includes many parties and celebrations.

First, prior to the wedding comes the proposal party. This is where the family and parents of the groom ask the bride’s parents and family for her hand in marriage. Gifts of jewelry are traditionally given which are to be worn on the wedding day, although not every family does this. Next is the engagement party, or Mangni, where the rings are exchanged. The bride and groom often exchange their own rings, but individual families may still present the rings from the family. Part of the purpose of this party is to decide when the actual wedding day will be.

After the date for the Shaadi has been decided upon, Mayun is celebrated. This symbolized the upcoming wedding for the bride. She is not allowed to see her husband-to-be until the official wedding day, and is released from running errands and doing chores. Her family and close friends join in dancing, singing, and beautification rituals. The Dholki is the next celebration. The bride wears the traditional yellow Pakistani costume and sings wedding songs as she celebrates with her family. Other ceremonies to follow include the Mehndi. These celebrations are held separately for both the bride and the groom. While the groom celebrates, the bride stays home, and likewise when she celebrates, he stays home. Each celebration includes both the bride’s and groom’s families who bring henna and sweets to the celebration.

The Barat is for the groom with his friends and family as they go to the bride’s home for the Shaadi ceremony. He is usually on horseback or riding in a car with his contingency. Upon arrival at the bride’s home, her sisters, cousins and friends greet him with flower garlands and rose petals. There are several more days of traditional ceremonies before the wedding actually occurs.

For the Shaadi ceremony, the bride and groom wear special, elegant dress clothing and an Islamic priest presides. Both sides of the family and friends are present. Vows are exchanged and a Holy Koran is held above the bride’s head as she agrees to join the family of the groom. The marriage papers are then signed in front of everyone present. This is a day to be remembered for the rest of their lives.